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Another New Toy

I just go these:

Yep, those are hand carders, which I found used on etsy.  They’re quite old, and at first they turned my wool brown because the teeth were rusty.  But I’ve now worked enough greasy wool through them that the rust has been cleaned out.  Now, I get fluffy white rolags like you see above.

The motivation to buy carders was that I finally decided to do something with this:

That is a whole bunch of wool I was given by an acquaintance with sheep.  He gave it to me a year ago, and I just let it sit around because the thought of processing 3 fleeces was kinda scary.  But now that I have my wheel it actually seems doable, and I’m having experimenting with preparing my own fibers.

Its definitely a different spinning experience, and I’ve been practicing long draw drafting.  My earlier attempts at long draw weren’t all that great.  It just didn’t work well with the fiber I was using.  However, this fleece is suited to woolen spinning with its short downy fibers, and I’ve been having a lot more success with long draw.  It’s a good think I figured out how to spin this stuff because I have a lot more to do.