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Gettin Ready for the Cold

 One of my coworkers claims that if squirrels have bushy tails early in the season we will have an especially cold winter.  He claims that the tales are looking extra fluffy this fall and thus I am preparing. 

Bavarian Tulip Mittens from last year’s fall Interweave Knits are ready

Scarf in Old Shale pattern using my handspun underway.

Ok maybe I’m not entirely convinced by that squirrel tails can predict the weather, but its as good a reason as any to knit.


Spinning Tuesday: Bells of Ireland

So after sitting around for weeks, I finally washed my green BFL from Corgi Hill Farm.  Isn’t it pretty?  Spun and plied on Lendrum.  I have about 300 yards of DK to Worsted Weight yarn.

Here At Last!

Everytime I look at the Ravelry page for my pattern it makes me happy, and when I see that someone has actually queued it I do a little happy dance. So far three people have queued it, which makes me immensely happy. I’m hoping to write more patterns in the future. I have a bunch of ideas I just need the time and the yarn to actually put all this stuff together.
Knitting-wise I sadly have no pictures of my current project, a pair of up-town boot socks for myself using what is probably my favorite budget sock yarn, Plymouth’s Happy Feet. But I do have pictures of a lovely package I received the other day.
These are Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock in Georgia Peach and Carrick. I ordered this way back in August and was afraid for the longest time that my order was lost. Several emails later I discovered that everyone else was just ordering from Three Irish Girls at the same time and everything got backlogged. It was a long wait but I’m in love the Georgia Peach colorway, its so pretty! And well I just had to buy it since I was born in Georgia. The yarn itself is squishy and lovely and I desperately want to cuddle it whenever I see it. Also the gals at Three Irish Girls threw in a coupon for free shipping and a sweater stone so I’m pretty pleased despite the wait.
Once I’m done with my current socks and my Christmas knitting, I’m considering making the Knotty or Knice socks with the Georgia Peach. The Carrick has no particular fate yet, but I’m just pleased its finally here.

Happy Late Birthday to Me!

Finals seriously messed with my birthday this year. Rather than actually celebrating on my birthday I took a final and celebrated the day before and after and the day after that. It was a birthday week rather than just a day. But because of the craziness I’ve neglected the poor little blog. Here are some pics of my bday loot, I really cleaned up this year.

FO! Springy Scraf

At long last I have another FO to post. This pretty little thing is the Gift of Friendship scarf by Christine McKnight. I used knitpicks shimmer in Happy Dance, which I believe has been discontinued, on size 4 needles. The lace pattern was very simple and easy to memorize as there are only two different rows. The yarn though was very slick and that made the knitting a little annoying at times. I would recommend this yarn though because its so wonderfully soft and it blocked very nicely.

Given the simplicity of the project this took a really long time for me to make, almost 2 months, but my goal was to use up all 440 yards of the shimmer which I did.

Next on my to do list? Well, yesterday I swatched for Green Gables so I think that’s what next. I’ve had this yarn sitting around for about a year so its probably about time that used it.
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece
Needles: size 7 in the round
Guage: 5sts/1in

I’ve only used Cotton Fleece once before for a Loop d Loop ballet tshirt. In that pattern I found the yarn to be very drapey, perhaps too drapey. I’m hoping that the tighter gauge of the tee will make it fit better. I also find Cotton Fleece to be a bit splitty at times, but nothing too annoying. But I do like how soft it is and the price doesn’t hurt.

gettin springy with it

I love living in New England and having the four seasons. But towards the end of each I always have a hankering for the next. I love spring and all I want is for it to be May and for everything to be sunshine and flowers.

Perhaps this is reflected in my desire for new knitting projects. I’m tired of my Central Park Hoodie. I want it finished so I can making something light and fun for spring. So the other night I decided it was time to swatch.

Yarn: Classic Elite, Classic Silk
Color: light purple
Needle: 5
Guage: 5 sts/ 1in

Maybe this is because I don’t work with much cotton, but I was rather surprised that the stitches grew a bit when I blocked my swatch. Working with this stuff was pretty nice, not too hard like some cottons and the swatch is pretty soft. My plan is to make Sahara with it.

Yet despite all that talk above about how much I long for spring I did just order 4 skeins of ultra alpaca to make the Minimalist Cardigan. I love that stuff so I just couldn’t resist that Webs sale.


So finally I’ve motivated myself to do an update about what I do over spring break. Spring break was two weeks ago, but part of this delay could be because blogger and my computer don’t always seem to get along. But right now I have a cold so I can’t really focus on my work because I either feel too crapy or am too doped up on dayquil to concentrat.


HAT! This is my new favorite. And I even got to wear it in the freak snow storm last weekend so it didn’t have to wait around until next winter to get some use. I loved this yarn so much, its so soft and shiny. I still have a bit of yarn left over from this skein and another full one so next I need to figure out what I’m going to do with those, a matching scarf perhaps?

Yarn: Patons SWS in Natural Gernaium
Needles: size 8 dpns bamboo

This here is my first foray into lace knitting. Its the Molly Headband from IK Summer 2006, I think. I could be wrong about that date. I had a bit of an issue with reading the lace chart at first, but managed to get the hang out it and am quite pleased with the results. It was also a nice statsh buster b/c I had some Cotton Fleece lying around from a Loop-d-Loop ballet t-shirt that I just wasn’t sure what to do with and I hate throwing things away. So this was awesome though I still have a teeny bit of that CF lying around…
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece
Needles: Size 4 bamboo

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