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Rules = Broken

I have just broken the wedding rules.  I actually might have broken several in one go.  And you know what? It’s amazing.

So what have I done that could set the wedding industry after me with torches and menacing farm tools?  I bought a dress.  I bought a dress without having tried on a single dress.  I bought it on an impulse that this was the right thing to do for me.  I do not have a theme picked out for my wedding.  I don’t even have a venue picked out.  Actually, I haven’t even visited a single venue, nor talked to a caterer, florist, DJ, or any other person who whom I’m suppose to speak before buying a dress.  I have only a vague idea that we will get married next fall and I will knit myself a red lace shawl.

I’m sure some of you are balking right now.  But you know what?  I’m pleased as punch.  I found a dress I’d been eyeing on the web that retails for $350 for $80 on ebay.  I love my dress and I love that I spent what feels like a reasonable amount of money for it.  And now I don’t have to worry about finding the time to get dress shopping.  I can just day dream about how pretty I’ll look at where ever it is that I end up getting married.

Seriously, this is amazing.  After my ebay dress success, I feel empowered to take on the rest of this wedding craziness because I know breaking those crazy wedding rules is ok.


Day 5

I have been engaged for 5 days, and wedding planning already seems crazy, stressful, and overwhelming.  I already feel pulled in a million different directions.  There are just so many options and so many things that I feel like I’m suppose to do that its hard to sort out what I actually want to do.  Do we go super tiny family only?  Or do we throw a rager with everyone we know?  Do we serve a traditional sit down meal or delicious fried food and burgers?  I haven’t figured any of this out yet but people are already asking if we’ve set a date.  I need a wee bit more time to figure this out before I get to the date part of the equation.

Also I miss my ring.  I sent it back to get resized yesterday, and I already miss it like crazy.  I never thought I would be one of those girls who gets super attached to her ring.  I haven’t worn a ring since I got my high school one back in the early 2000’s.  And I only bothered to wear that one for a day or two before it got stuffed in my jewelry box and forgotten.  But I really miss my engagement ring, and I want it back. I have been obsessively checking the Fed Ex tracker to make sure it arrives safely.  (It is currently on schedule)  I will continue to do this until I have it safely back in hand.

So here’s what I’m going to do.  I’m not looking at anything weddings for the rest of the night.  I’m not even ordering those books recommended on A Practical Wedding.  Instead I will have a very large glass of red wine and knit socks, specifically socks for my now fiance because I love him and he loves the socks I knit him.  Then I am going to cuddle my fiance, even though he’s sick, because cuddles make everything better and he is an excellent cuddler.

Bon Nuit.


This weekend Mr. D took a little trip up to Vermont.  Friday afternoon we went on a scenic drive through Smuggler’s Notch, and then decided to get out and walk around.  Then while we taking in the awe inspiring beauty of the mountains and a light snow he proposed.  Needless to say I am thrilled beyond words that such a wonderful man has asked me to marry him.  I hope everyone else had an equally wonderful weekend.