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FO Friday: Wee Baby Cardi

I love knitting baby things.  They are so tiny and adorable that I just can’t help but love them.  Also because they are so little, baby things are relatively quick to knit.  So of course I had to knit something for one of my favorite co workers before her little one comes into the world.

And so I made this

into this

The pattern is the Baby Jacket from Rosie’s Yarn Cellar.  A truly adorable pattern, and it was even free.  There is a small disadvantage to free though.  At points I found the pattern a little unclear.  This often happens with patterns that don’t go through the rigors of the commercial editing process.  And I completely understand and certainly don’t fault the generous Rosie.  After poking around on Ravelry and re-reading the pattern I was able to figure out the pattern’s intention, and am happy my results.

I used Koigu for the yarn, which is lovely to work with and made an incredibly soft sweater.  Two skeins was just barely enough, and I left off the seed stitch cuffs because I had only a few yards left by that point.  But the missing cuffs don’t detract too much.  My only regret about choosing this particular yarn is that I realized too late that it’s hand wash only.  Alas, hopefully my friend will still use it and then I can get some pictures


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