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FO: Sewing Machine Cover

My sewing machine and I don’t always get along. When I first got it for my birthday a few years ago, I had to send it back because the stitch selector didn’t work.  And then for a long time we were good, for the most part at least.  More recently, the feed wasn’t working, and Robert and I spent a whole evening poking around inside the bobbin area.  I dusted it, and it still didn’t work.  Robert dusted it, still didn’t work.  I was looking into repair shops while Robert dusted the inside again and viola it worked.  Yea, my machine was that dusty.  It was then that I realized I’d have to buy or make a cover.

After procrastinating for a respectable amount of time, I looked around at patterns on the internet and bought fabric.  Using this and this tutorial as my guidelines I made this:

My version doesn’t have a pocket, but I did a lining inside and then used double folded bias around the edge.  Isn’t it adorable?  Can you tell those are little birds kissing? Here’s a close up so you can really appreciate the cuteness:

Now I can leave my sewing machine sitting on my desk, ready to use, and not have to worry about it getting super dusty again.  And it’s so darn cute it makes me happy to look at it.  Maybe it’ll make me sew more, but then I’d have to remove the cover.


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