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My New Toy

This year I got my birthday present early.

Its my very own spinning wheel!  A Lendrum double treadle that I found used on Ravelry.  The former owner is moving across the country so my family and Robert all chipped in so that I could give it a new home.

I have to say I am in love.  In the two weeks since I got it I’ve managed to spin a lot of fiber.  First, there’s the 4 ounces of Romeny that I spun the very first weekend I had it.  Its now 120 yards of plush 2 ply aran weight yarn.  Its feels soft and squishy and I plan to knit it into a ribbed hat.

There’s also the alpaca/silk I bought at Rhinebeck last fall.  Its now 260 yards of DK weight 2 ply. The loose blend of the fibers gives the finished yarn a tweedy look, which I love.

I also learned how to Navajo ply on it and made 2 mini skeins to practice

On the wheel now is Corgi Hill Farms BFL in Bells of Ireland.  The BFL is very nice to spin. The long fibers make it easy to draft, and its pretty soft.

This picture was taken Friday, and that bobbin is almost full now. If I keep this up I’ll be plying by the end of the week.  Good thing the Sheep & Wool Festival is this weekend 🙂


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