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Happy Halloween!

Yikes it’s been so long since I’ve updated.  Working seriously cuts into my blogging and internet time but I’ve still been enjoying lots of fiber related goodness.  Like I went to Rhinebeck for the first time, and it was awesome!  I only did a day trip on Sunday and can now understand why people go for the weekend.  There is so much going on that I just couldn’t get to everything.  I walked around all the vendors and animals but I missed out on the events since I was so busy fondling yarn and fiber.

I did get lots of goodies.  The one I’m most excited about is my new Bosworth spindle made of Tasamanian Rose Myrtle.  It weighs 26 grams and spins beautifully.  In the picture its wearing some baby camel fiber, another Rhinebeck goodie.

I also went to the Stitches yesterday.  I didn’t sign up for any classes since they filled up so quickly but I wandered around the market place for awhile.  I loved the Miss Babs booth and simply could not resist getting some of their lovely spinning fiber.  I picked a wool, bamboo, and silk blend in their ‘Up up and away’ colorway.

And tomorrow marks the beginning of Knit a Sweater Month! Rather than start a new project I’m pledging to finish my current sweater project before November is over.  I have a pretty serious head start so maybe I’ll actually succeed.  Below are the fronts of the Minimalist Cardigan from the Fall 2007 IK.  They’re coming along nicely and the back is already done.

I’m using Berocco Ultra Alpaca.  What is truly amazing is that I bought this yarn to make this sweater probably two years ago.  How often does a knitter buy yarn for a project, get distracted by other things for a long ass time, and then actually use the yarn for the intended project?  This is a first for me at least.


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  1. OH my god, Diane, we're working on EXACTLY the same cardigan at the same time! I had no idea!!


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