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Project Round Up

OhSewCrafty recently posted that rather than making a Rhinebeck sweater she’s challenging herself to finish WIPs she has laying around.  Recently, I’ve been really tempted to start Audrey in Unst with some beautiful alpaca yarn my brother got me from Peru.  But I’ve been inspired by my fellow blogger to instead focus on finishing some of my projects before I start a new one.

First up, I have an FO! I finished sewing down the cowl and weaving in the ends of my Somewhat Cowl last night.  Its currently drying on my bed, yay!

I’m also contuneing to knit away on the Earl Grey Socks.  The first one is done, and I started the second yesterday.  I’m already 3 inches or so into it since I only worked on it during knitting group last night.

I even dug out a project that had been hiding in the stash bin for quiet sometime.  These are Bella’s Mittens by Subliminal Rabbit.  Yes I know, they’re from the Twilight movies, and yes I did like the Twilight books, and yes that does makes me either a huge dork or a 15 year old girl.  What of it?  These mittens are going to super cozy and cute and perfect for my walk to work this winter.  I just dug them out last after knitting but I’ve completed another dozen rounds so they shouldn’t take too long.

Also I just want to say how happy I am with the response to the jojo cowl.  Its already been faved 99 times and queued 25.  Thanks everyone, I’m glad that people like it!


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