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Almost two years ago my mom gave me a single skein of Knitpicks Imagination.  I liked the colors but had no idea what to do with a single skein of fingering weight yarn.  It sat around for a long time while I waited for inspiration.  Then finally it came to me, a cute little cowl to help keep the chill away.  

I pulled out the stitch dictionary, experimented, and I eventually settled on a stretchy slanted rib, which also makes it easy to loop around twice for days when you need a little snuggle. 

I really like the way this simple stitch helps break up the colors and creates a rainbow zigzag on mine.  It also looks great on the wrong side.

Its so simple and quick that I decided I’d share.  It only took me a couple nights to complete so its a great way to use up small skeins of fingering weight yarn.  With the holidays coming up it’s make a great little gift too.

1 skein Knitpicks Imagination in Gingerbread House
size 4 16″ or 24″ inch circular needle

Cast on 160 stitches

Row 1: Knit all

Row 2: yo, K2tog to end

Repeat Row 2 until piece measures about 7 inches.  

Knit one row.
Loosely bind off, block if you want, and enjoy!

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  1. Thank you for the pattern. This is a nice combination of colors and yarn weight and pattern.balzac

  2. Great Pattern! I am starting it today so I can wear it for Christmas : )Jamie


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