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FO: Orange you Wicked?

Robert commented recently that I seem to be in a finishing mood with my projects.  Maybe its having finished law school and the bar but he’s right.  For whatever reason I feel compelled to wind up knitting projects that have been lingering around.

One example is my new Wicked, which I choose to model staring majestically out my window because well my I just look tired or my eyes are closed in all the photos where you can see my face…

Hmm, I really need to work on self protraits.  But I just discovered the timer function on my camera and I consider this an improvement over past efforts.  Here’s another shot that shows the color more accurately:

I started this one last fall because 1) I felt this lovely orange malabrigo deserved better than sitting in the huge plastic tub of yarn in my closet and 2) my apartment was getting chilly and a new cozy sweater sounded perfect.  I made good progress at first but then it languished when I became distracted by Christmas knitting.

Its little different from my pink wicked.  I love my pink wicked but with its wide neck that doesn’t like to stay on both shoulders it seems rather 80s-tastic to me.  I avoided that this time by going down a needle size, and the tighter gauge did just the trick. The neck stays where it should, though does threaten to show off my bra straps.  I also decided to not do the twisted rib pattern.  This is mostly because I didn’t really want two sweaters that were the same, but also because it annoys me that the numbers in the pattern don’t match up at the bottom.  This results in the twisted rib pattern not coming out quite right unless you have the foresight to count your stitches and adjust them accordingly.  I was feeling much too lazy for even this little bit of extra counting and math so I just did plain 2×2 rib instead. I also did short sleeves since I had only three skeins of yarn.  I could have made the sleeves a little longer since I still have a half ball left, but I’m happy with the sleeves so I decided not to bother.

Overall, I’m very pleased.  Its finally getting cool enough for me to wear this now. This is a great addition to my sweater wardrobe for days when its a little chilly but I don’t need a full sweater.  Plus it’s so bright that not even the horrible Hartford drivers can miss me.


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  1. Woah, woah, woah, you made that!? Geeze I'm impressed. cup cozies and scarfs are one thing but an entire sweater? That's incredible. It looks perfectly made too. Well done!


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