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That is the view from my bedroom in my pretty new apartment.  I could do without the creepy brick building in the foreground but I do like that we can see the capital through the trees.  And well, the apartment is beautiful so I’ll deal with the creepy building next door.

I’ve been so busy settling into the new place that my knitting has been suffering.  I have no new FOs but I have been making some progress.  First up, my somewhat cowl:

It has a sleeve- it almost has two.  Soon I’ll be working on the neckline and then it’ll be done.  I tired it on after finishing the body and I’m much happier with the fit.  Reknitting is always painful but worth it.  As long as I don’t slack off I’ll pretty new sweater for the fall.

Second, I have a cardigan going for my sister.  This is my first bottom up sweater and I have about 6 inches of the body done.

It has been sadly neglected because during the move it got stuffed in a bag and then I forgot about it.  But I dug it out today for pictures and hopefully having it within view again will help motivate me to work on it.  I promised my poor sister this sweater years ago so I really need to stop procrastinating on it.


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