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Crochet- The Solution of Many Problems

Shortly after the bar exam Robert and I went to Cape Cod for a week.  It was wonderful.  We slept in, grilled, rode a sea doo, swam, watched movies, and spent lazy days doing nothing at all.  But I poorly planned my knitting for this trip.  In my post-bar haze I brought only two projects, both of which soon needed a change in needle size and forgot to bring extra needles.

As soon as I realized my mistake I tired to think of new projects with cheap supplies so that I buy everything at the nearest craft store if the need arose.  Crochet creeped into mind.  Plastic hooks and cotton are plentiful at all craft store.  I looked at patterns, queued potholders on Ravelry, and thought about whether Joann’s or AC Moore was closer.  I was ready if the unthinkable should occur.

My worrying was unfounded.  I had to go home for two days mid week and grabbed the required needles then.  But it was too late- I wanted to crochet.  I packed my hooks and bought three balls of Sugar n’ Cream- in white, ecru, and natural twist.  I told myself this did not count as stash because I was using it right away and I could even give away the final project.

It had been a while since I had crocheted- almost a year actually.  I had to look up how to do the stitches and had a few false starts.  But for the remainder of our vacation I had no fear of running out of projects.

The square ones are the Topflappen by Eva W. and the round one is the Spiral Hotpad from Carol’s Crochet.  Crochet goes so quickly that I had two of these done before we even returned home.  I even have enough yarn left to make another one or two.

I consider them a success- they are simple, quick, and look nice.  I’ve decided that all those people who I feel deserve a Christmas present but I never know what to give will be receiving crochet potholders this year. Yet another problem solved with crochet.  I wish all life problem’s has such delightfully simple and enjoyable solutions.


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