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Packin Up

In just over a week Robert and I will be moving to a pretty new apartment across the street from his new office.  We’re both really excited about the new place, and are so ready to move out. (Seriously, can you just give me the keys already?!)

Since he’s already working I’ve put myself in charge of packing.  Part of this mission that I tackled earlier this week was consolidating my knitting/spinning/sewing stuff.  I did not exactly succeed, and I tired really hard.  I even threw stuff out, like this tangled mess of unidentifiable yarns.

But it wasn’t enough for my plan to work.  Thoughts like, ‘What if I need that half skein of cotton fleece someday?’ and ‘This mysterious gray yarn is really soft, I’m sure I can use it for something’ started to fill my head, and it was just too much for me to overcome my hoarding instincts.

I was hoping I’d be able to fit all the above mentioned supplies into these 3 plastics bins, except of course for my sewing machine.  Instead, its all yarn except for the little bit of spinning stuff I managed to squeeze in there.  I’ll just have to figure out something else for the fabric and other supplies.

So there you have it my stash, bigger than some and smaller than others. And it’s coming with me regardless of how much closet space it takes up.


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  1. Your stash is a completely reasonable size.Does Robert have any space-consuming hobbies? James has a drum set at our place, which gives me some leverage 😉

  2. I have no complaints about Diane's storage needs…and I have countless space consuming hobbies many of which I burden my parents with…teehee.


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