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Crisis Averted

I’m sure everyone was really worried when I recently wrote that I was almost out of sock yarn.  I know I was.  But then something happened.  I was about to pull out the yarn to make a cute little cotton cardigan and underneath was my leftover blue Dream in Color Smooshy.  I stared at it for moment, and thought, “That ball is so full you can hardly tell I already made a pair of socks from it, there has to be someway for me to get another pair of socks out of that.”  Then I remembered my leftover pink Piece of Vermont yarn, had a sudden uncontrollable need for pink and blue stripe socks, and cast on.

Rather than do jogs and all that stuff, I looked up Grumperina’s posts about doing helical stripe socks.  This method of stripes of fantastic.  Super easy and look how pretty even the inside is:

I have been loving the stripes and all that, but I did hit a bit of a wall.  I decided to try out a short row heel, and I’m just not really feeling it.  Short row heels look nice but I’m so familiar with flap heels that this way feels finicky and complicated.  I plan to solider on with it, but I need to find a little bit of time where I can just sit down and focus on figuring how this works.  Sadly, such time is in short supply and my poor little socks have received little attention the past few days.  But at least I have socks on the needles again, still have my one skein in reserve, and the CT sheep and wool festival and my birthday are both approaching so hopefully my sock yarn stash will be revived.  Everything is good, well, except for fast approaching finals that could be better.

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