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Winter Doldrums

I seem to be in a bit of a knitting funk recently, or maybe I’m experiencing some form of ADD. I could also still be burned out from Christmas knitting. Whatever it is I have not been doing very much with my knitting recently. Normally, I faithfully knit away at one project, sometimes two, and progress is fairly quick. Currently I have three that I’ve been switching between with the result being that I don’t seem to be getting much of anything done.

This picture illustrates my current experience fairly well. It was taken around New Years. I have only done a few inches since it was taken, a very sad progress rate indeed.

The other two projects are a sweater and a pair of mittens. They are going equally slowly, and I am feeling equally un-enthused about all of them. These are all fairly old projects that I am trudging through since I’m not sure what else to cast on for. Hopefully, when the spring patterns come up I’ll feel more inspired and excited about my knitting, but for now at least I seem to have the winter blahs.

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