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A Quick Break from Studying…

As far as I can tell environmental law is even more confusing than tax, but since I think I’ve sorted out how the Clean Water Act works and I just can’t stand the thought of reading the word “superfund” one more time I’m taking a quick break to present these socks, my one and only knit Christmas gift this year.

Knitting so many gifts last year was a pain. So this year I decided to limit it to one gift that I really wanted to make. Plain black socks were not the most exciting knit ever, but I think the recipient might get more use of these than if I had used a more fun color or pattern.
But also… I tired spinning! After spending a significant amount of time watching videos on youtube I was able to make my very first hand spun yarn. It’s been washed and dried since this picture was taking, but is still waiting for me to wind it up and, of course, make something with it.


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