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Here At Last!

Everytime I look at the Ravelry page for my pattern it makes me happy, and when I see that someone has actually queued it I do a little happy dance. So far three people have queued it, which makes me immensely happy. I’m hoping to write more patterns in the future. I have a bunch of ideas I just need the time and the yarn to actually put all this stuff together.
Knitting-wise I sadly have no pictures of my current project, a pair of up-town boot socks for myself using what is probably my favorite budget sock yarn, Plymouth’s Happy Feet. But I do have pictures of a lovely package I received the other day.
These are Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock in Georgia Peach and Carrick. I ordered this way back in August and was afraid for the longest time that my order was lost. Several emails later I discovered that everyone else was just ordering from Three Irish Girls at the same time and everything got backlogged. It was a long wait but I’m in love the Georgia Peach colorway, its so pretty! And well I just had to buy it since I was born in Georgia. The yarn itself is squishy and lovely and I desperately want to cuddle it whenever I see it. Also the gals at Three Irish Girls threw in a coupon for free shipping and a sweater stone so I’m pretty pleased despite the wait.
Once I’m done with my current socks and my Christmas knitting, I’m considering making the Knotty or Knice socks with the Georgia Peach. The Carrick has no particular fate yet, but I’m just pleased its finally here.


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