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The month of October was taken up with making baby things, and I have to admit baby items are pretty freakin cute. They’re so little. First I made a hat and booties for my cousin and his wife who are expecting their first at the end of the month. I still need to put the package in the mail, but this should be one cozy little baby.

Yarn: Mission Falls Superwash Merino- 1 skein was just barely enough for both items. I had to shorten the cuff of the booties in order to finish them. But I think they came out cute, and they’re so tiny which makes them even more adorable.
Hat Pattern: Sweet and Simple Baby Hat
Bootie Pattern: One Strand Booties

Then there are these little cuties…

I made these for a fundraising auction hosted by the law school’s public interest group. They do this every year to raise money for summer grants to students doing public interest work. The knitting group decided to put together a baby set to donate for the auction, and I volunteered to make booties.
I had not been entirely pleased with my first pair of booties since they required grafting on the bottom. I set out to find a new pattern that didn’t required any seaming or grafting, and could not find exactly what I wanted by searching around on Ravelry. After some contemplation I came up with these. A bootie that is completely free of seaming and grafting and requires only that you weave in two ends to finish. The skills needed for this are all pretty basic too, picking up stitches, decreasing, and knitting in the round. Overall I am quite pleased with my design and feel rather clever. Once I take some better pictures I plan to put together a nice pretty pattern to release it.

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