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FO: Ubdulating Rib Socks!

I seem to be in a sock mood of late so when I finished my last pair I soon cast on another pair, and finished them just yesterday.

This is the Undulating Rib socks in A Piece of Vermont’s wool/bamboo sock yarn. Unlike my last pair of socks I love this pattern and yarn combination. The bold rib pattern works well with the muted pinks, purples, and grays in this yarn. I often had to stop knitting just so that I could admire how pretty this is. Can anyone tell I am totally in love with these socks? Because I am. These are easily my favorite pair to date. These are also my fifth pair for myself which means I am only more pairs of socks away from my goal of having enough handknit socks for everyday of the week, awesome!
But alas I must take a break from working towards my goal. For one thing I’m out of sock yarn, but also I have other knitting that needs to get done. Like making this yarn into a scarf for my brother’s birthday in October.
I had best get knitting 🙂

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