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WIPS and Gratuitous Sheep

Yikes, its been so long. Since last time I’ve had finals and started working full time so things have been busy. I’ve been knitting but sadly I haven’t finished anything. But soon I should have a few FOs to post about like these:
Those are my central park cardi, a retro redux shrug, and the second froot loops sock respectively. I’m betting that the shrug will be the first one done. I only need to knit ribbing of the collar and weave in a few ends. The central park cardi is done with the knitting but we’re fighting. I got rather frustrated with the seaming and thus decided it was time for a break. I also figured it could wait since the weather would be getting warm soon, but I may have jinxed New England because its been cool and rainy here recently and the forecast for the next week is more of the same.
Oh well, hopefully it’ll get nice again soon. In the mean time here’s a random picture of sheep from the CT Sheep and Wool Festival last month (which was a beautiful day)

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