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knitting on airplanes = ok

Summer is upon, as are summer travel plans for some.  Thus now seems like an apprioprate time to share this post from the Evolution of Security blog, which Robert sent me yesterday.  Evolution of Security is the TSA’s blog, and based on a quick persuing is actually fairly interesting and down to earth. 

The post explains that a few items commonly thought to be forbidden are actually allowed onto airplanes, such as knitting needles, nail clippers, and corckscrews (but only the kind without the little knife).  And apparently needles made of any material are allowed.  Personally, I became rather less concerned about being allowed to bring my knitting needles on board when I got through secruity with a pair of scissors and a pocket knife.  But that may just be because I don’t look particularly threatening.  But anyway, feel free to break out those lovely metal needles and click away as you put your summer travel time to good use!

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  1. yeah, I know! I’ve never had a problem either! I think some knitters may just be picked on, because almost all the other knitters I read about, Yarn harlot being the biggest one (of course, she travels alot), complain about not being able to pring metal needles on the plane . . . I think that some airports just KNOW they will have a fight if they try to take knitting needles from a knitter . . . like taking a bone from a snarling dog. 🙂


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