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I’ve recently thought of a third option of what my next project should be. My best friend Rachel is getting married in October and her shower is going to be in August. I bought some white JaggerSpun Zephyr not too long after she got engaged with the intention of making her a shawl. But I have not yet decided on a pattern. Currently I’m thinking of either the Autumn Vines shawl from Living in Stitches or the Hanging Vines Stole from Heartstring Fiber Arts.

Here are the designers pictures for anyone not on Ravelry, Autumn Vines on the left and Hanging Vines on the right. The right one is a blanket size version, so obviously the shawl I make would be significantly smaller.

I feel like starting Rachel’s shawl would be the best project to start since it has a deadline. I am incredibly bad about meeting deadlines (still working on Robert’s socks, but I am about to start the toe decreases) so the earlier I start the better. So votes or other suggestions?


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  1. Ooh, they both look lovely!


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