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All I Wanna do is Play With Yarn

It’s spring break right now and what I really should do is start some outlines for class and go to my externship this afternoon.  But its just so tempting to sit around, knit, and relax.  Earlier this week the boy and I spent a few days in Vermont.  We visited some of his friends in Burlington and then drove to Okemo for a few days of skiing.  Which was awesome because it snowed Monday and the mountain was virtually empty.

On Sunday, we lesiruely made our way down to Okemo via Route 7.  Its a pretty drive and I highly recommend it to anyone in the area and with some extra time.  Along the way Robert basically made it his mission to find an open yarn store for me to visit.  We eventually found Vermont Beads and Fiber in Middlebury.  A very cute little store where I got this pretty skien of sock yarn.  
The socks for my boy are coming along nicely.  I will soon be starting the heel of the second sock so its possible that I may actually be able to give him the socks on his birthday or our anniversary.  
Since I’m so close to finishing the socks I’ve started to contmeplate what my next project should be.  I’m a little socked out right now so my new pink yarn will have to wait.  I’m considering the Eyelet Cardigan from Blue Skys Alpaca.  I already have the yarn for this and it would make a cute little spring cardigan.  I could also make Icarus out of some pretty light blue Malabrigo lace weight yarn I have in my stasth.  There are other options too but these two are the most appealing to me right now.  Any thoughts or suggestions for making this choice? Or maybe even another option entirely?

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  1. Don’t tell me you missed Six Loose Ladies while you were here at Okemo! There’s always next time …

  2. What a pretty color!

  3. My hubby would never willingly find an ope yarn store for me! Seething in jealousy over here. The yarn you picked out is beautiful. I suggest breakin out that Malabrigo and making something gorgeous.This is BerlinBetty from Ravelry, btw.

  4. We heard about six loose ladies while buying some handmade soap but never actually made it there.

  5. the shawl is beautiful…that’s my vote!

  6. the shawl is beautiful…that’s my vote!


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