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FO: Blueberry Socks

Next to my family’s house in Georgia there was a blueberry bush that seperate our yard from the neighbors.  I always liked to pick the blueberries during the summer.  They were a beautiful deep blue and it fasniated me that the juice was purple.  My mom would often make muffins using what I picked.

The entire time that I was making these socks the color reminded of blueberries.  The yarn just has the prettist variation between deep blues and purples like the berries I picked when I was a kid.  I am quite pleased with them, they’re simple, warm, and cozy.  I thought about using some sort of pretty pattern but I started these just after finals so I wanted something simple to work on. 
Next up, I know I should start Robert’s socks but I’m feeling a little tired of tiny needles.  Instead I’m going to make something using this handspun yarn that his mom gave me for Christmas, possibly Glampyre’s new Reclamation Scraf.  
The yarn it from a family friend who owns alpacas and spins and sells her own yarn under the label Cold Spring Alpaca. This is a woman that I definately would like to meet sometime (I’d also love to meet the alpacas) but for now I’m just happy to have some of her beautiful yarn.   

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