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If you looked at my Google Reader you’d see that I have a wide variety of interests.  I have the usual assortment of news and cute baby animals.  It all started with knitting blogs of course.  That’s where my true love lied.  When I started law school I decided I should start following some legal news too. But then I started to add some baking and cooking blogs.  And most recently I’ve started adding some personal fianance blogs.

Finanance was never really my thing.  I was raised to live frugally thanks to my mom.  But I was a history major and minored in women’s students and was fortunate enough to have parents who paid for university.  I made sure to pay off my credit card each month because that’s what my parents always told me too, and that was the extent of my financial know how. So I didn’t really give much thought to money until recently.  The prospect of graduating law school with about $80,000 in debt made me start to think about money a bit more.  But then my boyfriend suggested that we look into buying a condo together.  And as excited as I am about this prospect it also made me realize that I needed to get my fianances together and get an idea as to what the hell is going on if we were really going to do that.  Thanks to some help from aforementioned blogs (Get Rich Slowly mostly) Im getting myself together.  I’m working towards simplifying my life by getting rid of things that I don’t need and saving up for when the boy and I are ready to get a place of our own.
So in the interest of furthering these goals I’m now going to focus on finishing up projects in progress and working on things that I already have yarn for.  I don’t have a huge statsh but I have enough to keep me busy for a while.  First project to tackle, that darn red and gray hat I was going to give to the boy’s brother for Christmas.

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