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So last night I sat down to write a post and simply could not think of anything to write. I was so hopped up on diet cherry Pepsi and chocolate that mind was going 3,000 miles a minutes but it all went out too fast to make the connection down to my key broad. I don’t have much sugar or caffeine in my daily diet so I can get a little wired when I do have some. Today I’m having a bit better luck with focusing thanks to the lack addictive substances in my system

Sadly, not much knitting has been going on the past few weeks. I did manage to finish these socks out of SWTC’s tofutsies on size 2s. They’re pretty basic, but I did make an eye partridge heel for the first time which is so pretty in the multi-color yarn. The SWTC It’s really lovely stuff. Very soft and nice to work with. It’s not nearly as tough on the hands as knitting with 100% cotton. It’s even machine washable and didn’t pool very much. I’m wearing them right now and even though they came out a touch big I really like them. Plus I might have enough of the skein left to make another short pair. Next time though I think I’ll go down a needle size.

My other projects, however, feel never ending. All I want is to be done with them and move on to other things. More on them some other time, like when I don’t need to finish my civ pro reading for tonight.


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