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Happy (late) New Year!!

Christmas was a success everyone liked their hand knit presents. Although I did decide to recall my brother’s hat to add an extra 2 inches. Apparently he has a bigger than me (what a surprise ;).

With all the presents out of the way I’m back to making stuff for myself. Right now I’m working on a pair of mittens in SWS and a pink wicked, which is coming along nicely and a bit further than this shows. And of course I’m using my pretty new knitpicks options, which were a gift from my brother. I’m totally in love with them. I actually think that I’m knitting faster than I did with my old needles.

It seems to be the general custom around knitting blogs to make a list of accomplishments from the past year. I kind of like that idea. I don’t feel like I’ve really I’ve accomplished all that much in the past year, but I did try and learn new things. So here we go…

Accomplishments of 2007
*completed my first patternless sweater
*learned short rows
*made my first lace project
*made my first sweater that I really love

What I hope to do in 2008
*conquer colorwork (or at least give it a try)
*make a larger lace project
*learn magic loop
*give socks another chance


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