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two at a time

So how does a busy a law student managed to get all her homework done and still find time for knitting?

Very easy jobs apparently.

Working in the law school bookstore isn’t very demanding it turns out. Everyday I pack up my backpack to bring to work with books and my computer but no yarn. At work there is often nothing to do but sit behind counter and stare off into space, however instead of staring at nothing or obsessing over how much coffee is left I actually do homework. Of course sometimes the temptation to refold the sweatshirts is overwhelming when faced with personal jurisdiction and estoppals but then I think, “If I get through this, if I survive, than I can knit all evening.”

So far this tactic seems to be working, because I’m getting my homework done and plenty of knitting. I’ve finished the back and fronts of the tilted duster and now I’m making good headway on the sleeves. I’ve already done 4 of the 7 increase rows so I’m making steady progress, and am really quite pleased with myself.

Now if only I could get myself to work on my SKB or that sweater for my sister I’d be all set.


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  1. Good luck with law school!I graduated last May and am now working.It’s worth it and great that you have knitting to keep you motivated!Keep it up!


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