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So I finally have some progress shots of what I’ve been knitting recently so without further ado I present to you… the Simple Knitted Bodice!
Isn’t it pretty? The one on the left is when I tired it on after finishing the increases. I picked the XS so I was terrified that it would be too small, but I was equally afaird of the S being too big, but it fit perfectly when I tired it on. The trying on was about a week ago and since then I’ve joined it and started the lace section. I’ve finished the first repeat of it and it looks pretty, though I don’t particularly like knitting with size 3mm needles and a worsted weight yarn.
I didn’t even realize how tight I was knitting though until I was watching House last night and picked up my brother’s socks. For the first time ever I actually enjoyed knitting with size 0 needles. I was able to get a couple inches of them done, so they’re just under 4 ins now, and hopefully while I’m in the newspaper office tonight I can get some more done in between editing sections.

And finally for some recent statsh enhancing purchases. There have been a few good sales going on recently and I just couldn’t resist stocking up. However, I do projects in mind for everything that I ordered. This is some Cotton Fleece I got from a couple weeks ago. The color is Praire Lupine and I’m imaging either a Rusted Root or Green Gable from zephyr would be lovely, but I’m currently using the needles I need for the SKB so I have some time to make this decision. I also took part in the massive sale that was going at, but more about that when the order gets here. Suffice to say its pretty, really, really pretty.


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