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So finally I’ve motivated myself to do an update about what I do over spring break. Spring break was two weeks ago, but part of this delay could be because blogger and my computer don’t always seem to get along. But right now I have a cold so I can’t really focus on my work because I either feel too crapy or am too doped up on dayquil to concentrat.


HAT! This is my new favorite. And I even got to wear it in the freak snow storm last weekend so it didn’t have to wait around until next winter to get some use. I loved this yarn so much, its so soft and shiny. I still have a bit of yarn left over from this skein and another full one so next I need to figure out what I’m going to do with those, a matching scarf perhaps?

Yarn: Patons SWS in Natural Gernaium
Needles: size 8 dpns bamboo

This here is my first foray into lace knitting. Its the Molly Headband from IK Summer 2006, I think. I could be wrong about that date. I had a bit of an issue with reading the lace chart at first, but managed to get the hang out it and am quite pleased with the results. It was also a nice statsh buster b/c I had some Cotton Fleece lying around from a Loop-d-Loop ballet t-shirt that I just wasn’t sure what to do with and I hate throwing things away. So this was awesome though I still have a teeny bit of that CF lying around…
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece
Needles: Size 4 bamboo

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