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Here is what I consider my crowning achievement as of date. I know its simple, a deep v-neck sweater what’s the big deal? Well its the first sweater I made w/o a pattern. After reading the Wool Works pattern and a basic top down pattern by Glampyre I felt brave enough to cast on and start knitting. It took awhile but I learned a lot from it. I finished this back in January. It’s a little scratchy, but it’s incredibly warm luckily since I was wearing it when my coast got stolen when I was out with friends. Anyway, since this one turned out so well I’m now knitting another patternless top down raglan for my sister. Don’t you just love the shot of my dorm bathroom, btw?

Socks that I knit over the summer. I completely forget the pattern and yarn I used, but they came out rather too big because I forgot to check the guage.

My awesome red hat, I’ve been wearing this thing non-stop all winter. Made with Mauch Chunky yarn in strawberry on size 10 1/2 dpns. It’s loosely based on the beehive hat in SNBN. I think I cast on about 60 sts for this one. The stitch pattern is something like 3 rounds purl, 2 knit, 1 purl, 2knit, repeat.

My experiment with yarn dyeing over the summer. I used Kool
Aid for the purple and pink, the blue is Wilton’s food coloring. The colors remind me of sweet tarts. I’m still not sure what to make with this. It’s superwash wool so I can’t felt it, maybe a hat or something…


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